Nutrition for cancer recovery

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Don’t believe anyone who tells you that you can eat whatever you want after a cancer diagnosis! What you eat profoundly impacts how you feel physically, mentally, and emotionally. Nutrition for cancer recovery

The right nutrition during cancer recovery can:

  • Strengthen Your Immune System: Bolster your body’s defenses to fight off cancer. Nutrition for cancer recovery
  • Boost Healing Capacity: Enhance your ability to heal from cancer.
  • Promote Faster Recovery: Speed up your recovery from cancer and its treatments.
  • Sustain Strength and Energy: Maintain vitality during and after cancer treatments.
  • Tolerate Side Effects: Better manage short-term and long-term treatment effects.
  • Support Detoxification: Aid your body’s detox process post-cancer.
  • Improve Sleep and Minimize Insomnia: Prioritize restful nights.
  • Enhance Mood: Foster emotional well-being.
  • Promote Gut Health: Support digestion, often impacted by cancer.
  • Maintain a Healthy Body Weight: Strive for balance.
  • Optimize Brain Function: Reduce brain fog and ‘chemo brain’.
  • Sharpen Focus and Concentration: Stay mentally agile.

Our mission is to demystify food choices. We want you to feel confident about what you eat. Let’s break it down into practical steps that you can sustain beyond your cancer recovery.



  • Two-Hour Lecture: Join Isabel and Karin for an enriching session on “Nutrition for Cancer Recovery”
  • 30-minute Q&A: Get your nutrition-related questions answered
  • Comprehensive E-Book: Dive deep into nutrition with our master summary of what to eat, authored by Isabel and Karin.
  • Anti-Cancer Recipe E-Book: Discover nutrient-dense, easy-to-prepare, and delicious recipes.
  • Extra Handouts and Bonus Tips: Benefit from additional guidance shared by Isabel and Karin.

Our goal? Empower you to make informed food choices— one bite at a time. Let’s make food your ally on this healing journey!


  • Research Insights: Explore available research on cancer and nutrition for recovery.
  • Food Controversies: Debunk myths around dairy, meat, soy, ketogenic diets, and plant-based eating.
  • Anti-Cancer Foods: Discover which foods actively support your healing journey.
  • Cancer-Promoting Foods: Learn what to avoid to minimize risk.
  • Nutrition Plate: Understand optimal nutrient proportions for your well-being.
  • Maximizing Nutrition: Uncover cooking methods and storage tips to get the most out of your meals.
  • Kitchen Organization: Simplify meal preparation with easy-to-follow recipes

Tuesday May 7, 2024
Nutrition for Cancer Recovery

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“Eating the right foods during my recovery from cancer was a real game-changer.”
Isabel Galiano

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Isabel Galiano

Isabel Galiano is a Certified Nutrition & Health Coach specializing in cancer and a two-time survivor herself.

Determined to turn her personal experience into a positive inspiration for others, Isabel aims to empower those affected by cancer to take an active role in their healing journey. Her coaching is empathetic and unique, combining first-hand knowledge with professional skills to provide holistic guidance on physical and emotional well-being.

As a trained Functional Medicine Practitioner and a certified Yoga Therapy Instructor, Isabel offers a comprehensive approach to health and recovery. She is a proud member of the UK & International Health Coaches Association, the Society of Behavioural Health Singapore, and the Association of Naturopathic Practitioners (UK).


Karin G. Reiter

Karin G. Reiter, functional medicine nutritionist, fitness trainer, author, wife, mama, and founder of Nutritious N’ Delicious, has been a leader in the nutrition and wellness industry for the last 15 years.

Karin founded Nutritious N’ Delicious in 2011 in Australia (after a corporate career in law and finance) and her aim was to touch as many people as possible and provide knowledge, support, guidance, and advice on building a healthier lifestyle. She has led workshops and nutrition programs in Singapore, Hong Kong, Israel, Australia, Greece, Thailand, the UK, and the USA.

Karin is a passionate speaker and journalist in the area of nutrition and has written for numerous publications in the USA, Australia, Israel, and throughout Asia. Karin is also the author of 2 children’s recipe books branded “The Rosy Cheeked Kids”.

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